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Easy Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home – Part 1 

Japanese cuisine has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the tastiest and most elegant forms of dining, but this often comes with a shroud of complexity that can make newcomers more than a little hesitant to get started themselves. The good news is that while Japanese cuisine certainly has a lot of ceremony to it, there are a number of dishes which are simple to prepare, easy for first-time cooks and, most importantly, delicious.  (more…)

Vegetarian Japanese Meals 

Traditionally Japan has been a haven for vegetarians. In fact, for 1200 years of its existence until 1872, it was illegal to eat meat (typically red meat) in Japan. While the traditional definition of vegetarianism in Japan has permitted the consumption of fish, there are lots of choices out there for western vegetarians and vegans to eat as well. (more…)